Become a ParamPOS customer and earn
cash back as you spend

Those who transfer their collections to their Param Business Card via ParamPOS earn cash back as they spend.

    Basic Information

  • Users who open a ParamPOS account between April 2-30 have the opportunity to get 5% cash back on their expenses in the fuel, market, textile and stationery sectors with the collections automatically transferred to their accounts with Param Business Cards to be sent to their names.
  • Cash back earnings will be transferred to your TRL main wallet on May 7, 2024. The campaign cashback rate is 5% and you can earn a maximum of 1000 TL cashback.
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  • General Information

  • Cash back earnings cannot be used for ATM cash withdrawals or wire transfers/EFT transactions to other bank accounts.
  • The campaign is only valid in fuel, grocery, textile and stationery sectors.
  • You must have sufficient balance on your Param Business Card to benefit from the campaign.
  • The campaign is valid between 02.04.2024-30.04.2024.
  • During the dates when the campaign is active, other advantages in the same category cannot be utilized and cannot be combined with other campaigns of ParamKart.
  • TURK Elektronik Para A.Ş. reserves the right to make changes in the campaign conditions.
  • Any change in the purchases within the scope of the campaign (order cancellation / return, etc.) may affect the cashback status. TURK Elektronik Para A.Ş. has the right and authorization to take back the cash refund in case of cancellation/refund of the order related to the shopping in question (even if the order cancellation/refund is partial).
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9 days until our campaign ends
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