A single card in its true simplicity. With its privileges, ParamKart is the perfect card that suits your needs.

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ParamKart, Avantajlı Kart her anında yanında
Exclusively designed for you.

Designed by us, to ease your life

Spend smarter with ParamKart, earn rewards, get cashback. No fees, hassle-free. Have control over your budget. A card you can bank on!

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Make money transfers, and save from your personal expenses.

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Keep your physical card in safe while making online payments with different card number.

Detailed Information

Welcome to privileges of ParamKart

No need for a bank! Get rewarded as you spend with ParamKart.

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Avantajlı Param Dünyası, ParamKart ile Harcadıkça Kazan
Boyner’de ParamKart ile Avantajlı Alışveriş
Opet ParamKart Avantajlı Alışveriş
Ikea’da ParamKart avantajları
Atasay alışverişlerin ParamKart ile daha Avantajlı
Teknosa’da Haracadıkça Kazanmanın yolu Param’da
Yurtiçikargo’da ParamKart’lılara özel fiyatlar
Temazsız Kredi Kartı


For easier and faster payments, prefer Contactless. Tap and pay in a secure way.

Güvenli Kredi Kartı


Your physical and online payments are secure with ParamKart security solutions: Secure Payment (GO), 3D Secure, PCI DDS infrastructures.

ParamKart Nedir?

What isParamKart?

ParamKart is an electronic money account which can be used as an individual and as a corporate, where you can easily transfer your money to digital and earn cash back at high rates with the advantages it offers.

Param Sanal Kart Nedir?

What is Param Virtual Card?

It is a digital account that you can use for your online purchases which are not possible in physically. It is used along with Param wallet account. Your card number is generated free of charge after your virtual card request.

ParamKart Sanal Kart Farkı Nedir?

What is the Difference between Paramkart and Virtual Card?

ParamCard is a card that you can use physically. Param Virtual Card is the card number that can be used in online shopping.

ParamKart’a Nasıl Para Yükleyebilirim?

How Can I Upload Money to Paramkart?

You can upload money with credit card, debit card, pre-paid card or EFT transactions through or Param Mobile application.

ParamKart ile Para Gönder & Para Al

Send and Receive Money with ParamKart

You can send money to your own accounts with your Param account or start sending money to Param members 24/7 without going a bank and from wherever you desire. You can easily make your transactions with our mobile application.

ParamKart’ın Yıllık Ücreti Var Mı?

Does ParamKart have an annual fee?

ParamKart has no annual membership fee.

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One of the most preferred cards in Turkey. Spend smarter with Param, get cashback.

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