Security Advice

Dear Valued Customer;

We would like to inform you about the general terms, risks, and exceptional situations regarding our services. Our services are available 24/7, and you can benefit from our services anytime through our internet branch and mobile application. Do not download applications from sources other than official application markets.

The emails sent by us are with the domain. Do not trust any email address that appears to be sent from Param but does not have “” domain.

In the emails we sent from, you will never be asked for any bank card, credit card information, or T.C. identity number.

To access the Param member login system, you can log in with your ParamCard number and password. During the initial interaction, you will be asked for your one-time password sent to your GSM number.

You should not share your user information, sensitive data, account number, or password related to the service we provide with third parties. You should take maximum care to ensure the confidentiality of this information, and we are not responsible for any damages arising from sharing this information.

To provide you with better service, you should use the latest version of our Param mobile application.

To ensure the correct authentication of your identity and prevent third parties from accessing your account, you should use the application on your own phones and tablets.

In case your Param card is lost, stolen, or you encounter unfamiliar transactions in your account, or if you encounter any suspicious situation, please call customer service at 0850 988 88 88 to inform us.


In order to access the Param Internet Branch, you need to go through some security steps and perform verification. By entering your GSM number, card number, or TCKN and password, and then using OTP in the next step, you can perform identity verification. In the step where e-signature or mobile signature is used, your GSM number will be displayed on the screen in masked form. You can access by clicking the Login button in the top right corner by typing "" in the address bar, make sure that the individual branch address starts with "" and the corporate branch address starts with "". On the Internet Branch pages, there is a lock icon in the bottom right corner. The features of Param are located on the right half of the Personal Internet Branch login screen. When you log in, you can see your name and surname information in the top right. When you log in to the Corporate Internet Branch, you can see your name, surname, and date and time information about your last logins on the top left. If you do not perform any transactions for a certain period while your Internet Banking session is open, a warning window will open, and you will be asked if you want to continue the transactions. If you do not respond to this window or click the Log Out button, your session will be terminated. If you choose to continue the transactions, your session will continue where you left off.


Our Param Mobile application can be used on phones with Android and iOS operating systems. When logging into the Param Mobile application for the first time, you need to enter your GSM number, card number, or TCKN and password. In our mobile application, there is a feature that can remember the logged-in customer and only requires entering a password without asking for GSM/card number/TCKN each time. When you log in, you can see your name and surname information on the top left, and if the remember feature is active, you can see your name and surname information on the login screen.


Do not keep your card and internet branch password in writing and do not save them on your mobile phone.
TCKN, ATM and credit card information, card and internet banking password, or information such as the mobile confirmation code sent via SMS belong to you.
Regularly renew your internet branch passwords.
Do not share the one-time passwords sent via SMS during your online shopping with anyone.
Keep your operating system and programs up to date.
Use protection shields such as antivirus and firewall.
Do not perform transactions from shared computers.
If your card is lost, stolen, or stuck in the ATM, you can report it by calling our number 0850 988 88 88 without leaving the device.
Do not create your card password from digits that can be guessed by others.
Param personnel do not ask for your password at any stage of your transactions.
Do not give your card to others to use.
Make sure to take your card before leaving the places where you made purchases.
Make sure your card is always with you.


Your computers, smartphones, and tablets may be exposed to malicious software in various ways such as:

Fake email links
Fake page links
Advertisement and sponsor links
Fake SMS messages
Applications containing malicious software
Malicious software spreading through vulnerabilities in outdated devices
Unsecure wireless networks

To avoid these threats, you should apply the following methods:

Do not download applications from unknown sources other than official markets for mobile phones and tablets.
Fake invoice debt may be indicated in emails prepared to infect malware, and it may be requested to open the link in the file attached to the email to see the invoice details. Do not trust such emails and do not open the attached files in the email.
Install antivirus software on your computer and mobile devices.

Do not connect to free/unsecured wireless networks available in crowded areas as malicious software can infect from these networks.
Fake accounts on social media may try to obtain your personal information with various promises. Do not trust announcements made outside official accounts. Phishing Attacks are fake emails sent by various banks or electronic money institutions that appear to contain very important topics. In fake emails sent, card information, passwords, Internet Banking password, and one-time SMS passwords can be requested by scammers through the links provided. Be careful against such emails that do not come from Param, do not respond to them, and do not enter the requested information on the pages opened. You can check whether the websites you are directed to belong to Param by checking the information in the address bar. By clicking on the lock icon to the left of the address bar, you can view our certificate information. "Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA" certificate is used at address. If you encounter a suspicious email, call us at 0850 988 88 88 to inform us. Scammers pretending to be lawyers, police officers, prosecutors, bankers, etc., can call you. Do not trust individuals who ask for any information written on your card, your card password, or the passwords sent via SMS, and be careful against money transfer requests from people you do not know, report suspicious situations to 0850 988 88 88 Param Customer Communication Center.