Get paid by a single link

It doesn’t matter if you run a business or not, ParamTIK makes getting paid easy. Just send a link to your customers to receive payment. You don’t even need a website!

How it works

On ParamTIK platform, enter the details and price of the product you are selling and generate a unique link. Send the link to your customer. When your customer clicks the link, they’ll be taken to a ParamTIK secure payment page where they can pop in their card details and pay you.

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Just a link to get payment

Send the link you have created on ParamTIK platform to your customers. No need for integration.
Receive payments by SMS or from digital platforms.

If you don’t have a company

No need to have a company to use ParamTIK. Click “Apply Now” below to apply for Personal link. Submit your application. Send the link to your customer.

If you have a company

Click “Apply Now” below if you need a link for your business, Submit your application, We will contact you immediately.

Simplify Your Payment Processes with ParamTIK

Whether you are a small business owner or a nonprofit organization, payment with link is a convenient method to simplify your collection processes. If you want to learn more about how Payment with Link can benefit your business, you can reach us with just one click.


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