Anti Money Laundering

Esteemed Customers ,

According to Article 15 of Law No. 5549, in transactions requiring identification to be carried out before or through our organization, anyone acting on their own behalf but on behalf of another person shall be sentenced to imprisonment from six months to one year or to a judicial fine of up to five thousand days, unless they notify us in writing before carrying out such transactions on whose behalf they are acting. In this respect, real and legal persons who have transactions requiring identification at company within the framework of Law No. 5549, the relevant regulations and communiqués are obliged to declare in writing to company on whose behalf they are acting in accordance with the true nature of the transaction, if they act on behalf of someone else. Within the framework of the aforementioned regulation, in order to avoid any legal sanctions, if you are going to perform the transactions requiring identification on your own behalf but acting on behalf of someone else, we kindly request you to declare this situation in writing to our organization and to get information from our staff on the issues you are hesitant about.

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