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To update your registered GSM number in the Param, please follow these steps: 1- Log in to Param Personal Branch. 2- Click on the "Name Surname" field located in the top right corner. 3- Select the "Settings & Security" menu. 4- Then, on the opened page, click on the "Phone Number Change" tab. 5- Update your GSM number.

Please refer to the following links to download our Param mobile application.

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Param uses Secure Payment (GO), PCI DSS and 3D Secure infrastructures to ensure the security of your online shopping. It allows you to do shopping and make secure payments without sharing your card details with third parties. You can also create virtual cards and accounts specific to your purchases; once your transaction is complete, you can close your card to increase the security measures....

You can create a QR code via Param Mobile by selecting the account to make the payment. Money transfers and payments can be made in TL.

You can create a QR code specific to the transaction via Param Mobile by specifying the account to receive the payment, the amount and QR code expiry date. Share this code to easily receive the payment.

The refund process may take up to 7-12 days. If you haven’t received the refund within this time period, you can contact the Param Support Centre at 0860 988 8888 to request assistance.

You can log in to your Param account through the mobile app and view your expenses after selecting the card you are using.

If a transaction was made without your knowledge or authorization, you can dispute the transaction. To do so, you should contact the Param Support Centre at 0850 988 8888 and initiate the chargeback process for the relevant transactions.

After logging in to your Param account and selecting your current card, you can activate/deactivate the “Online Shopping” button by going to the “Restrictions” menu in the settings button located at the top right corner of the screen.

After logging in to your Param account and selecting your current card, you can perform the action by clicking the Temporarily Freeze Card menu and the Temporarily Close button from the settings button at the top right.

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