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Download the Param mobile application and click on "Create Account" in order to create a Param account free of charge. A page opens up to let you fill out the membership form with your Name, Surname, GSM, TR ID Number and e-mail. Read and confirm the required Account Agreement and Clarification Text. Set a 6-digit password for your account security and complete your registration. After completing all steps, you can log in to your account. 

No, Param account and ParamKart do not have usage or account maintenance fees. ParamKart offers a peace of mind. 

You can log in to your Param account via our mobile application or internet banking (İşube).

Param İşube: Click

Mobile Param Mobile iOS: Download

  Param Mobile Android: Download

Once you log in to your Param account, click on "Add a Card" and enter the card number, name and surname on the card and expiry date. 3D Secure page opens up once you click on "Save" button. You can confirm the transaction and your card will be added to your account. 

You must register your personal information before transferring money via your Param account. You can easily carry out money transfers by customizing your Param account or card.  

If you want to view your Param account balance and activities, you can download Param mobile application, visit the internet banking (İşube) or use any ATMs.

Param İşube: Click

Mobile Param Mobile iOS: Download

Param Mobile Android:Download

Since the Param account is a prepaid electronic money account, you cannot make transactions unless you have enough balance. It helps you spend as much as you deposit and earn cashback as you spend

There are 3 types of cards under Param: ParamKart, ParamKart Business and Param Member Cards.

Param Corporate account is an account intended for natural and legal person businesses. You can apply via click.

Yes, you can pay your electricity, water, natural gas, internet and telephone bills via your Param account and ParamKart.

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