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ParamPOS helps you receive single or installment payments with credit cards, bank cards or prepaid cards.  You won't  need to sign seperate contracts with the banks.

ParamPOS offers 4 different products based on what you want and what you need; Virtual POS, POS Mini, Easy Transaction and ParamTIK. Thanks to our low commission rates, you can boost your business. You can easily complete transactions via e-mail link or SMS, so you won't have to own e-commerce website. For detailed information:

For more information about competitive rates starting from 0.99% and conditions:

Yes, you can easily receive repetitive payments with certain date range

Supported card programs: Bonus, World, Maximum, Axess, Paraf, CardFinans, Adventage, Combo, ParamKart

ParamPOS allows to make payments with domestic credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards with TROY, MasterCard and VISA logo. As for the foreign cards, ParamPOS allows payments via 16-digit MasterCard, VISA card, and 15-digit Amex cards.

ParamKart Storage allows you to securely store the card details of your customers who make payments regularly. As a result, your customer does not need to enter the credit card details in following transactions so they can complete transactions easily.

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