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Paramkart is a prepaid shopping card that allows you to use the money in your Param account. You can deposit money into your Param account via bank transfer or ATM and spend the deposited money wherever you want.

You can learn the status of your ParamKart application, printing, and courier distribution by clicking here

If your ParamKart is lost/stolen, contact the Param Support Centre at 0850 988 88 88 and submit your request to close your card.

Please choose the card you want to close and click on "Close Card" option. If there is a balance in your card, please transfer this balance to another card before confirming the closure of the card.

You can make transactions with the balance in your ParamKart at all points of sale (POS) and ATMs in Turkey, and at all points of sale and ATMs with VISA and MasterCard logos abroad. ParamKarts with the TROY logo can only be used to perform cash withdrawals and shopping transactions in Turkey.

To change the PIN of your ParamKart, type "SIFRE", leave a space, type your "4-DIGIT NEW PIN", leave another space, type the "LAST 6 DIGITS OF YOUR CARD NUMBER" in the body of the message,and send this SMS from your registered phone number to 0850 988 99 99.

You can get your ParamKart password by sending an SMS to 0850 988 9999 from your registered mobile phone number, typing SIFRE followed by a space and your 4-digit new password, followed by another space and the last 6 digits of your card number. For example: SIFRE 1234 123456

If your Param account is blocked, you can request to remove the block by calling the Param Support Centre at 0850 988 8888.

With Param physical card, you can make payments quickly and without the need for using a password on POS devices.

With ParamKart, you can make contactless transactions up to 750 TL.

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