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3D Secure is an authentication system to facilitate secure transactions via VISA/MasterCard bank cards or credit cards. The system not only prevents any transaction beyond the cardholder's knowledge, but also guarantees the vendor that the payment is being made by the rightful cardholder.

Yes, you can. ParamPOS might entail 3D Secure system integration for certain sectors and business models after conducting risk evaluations. If you request, you can have 3D Secure system defined as mandatory for transactions.

Yes, it is required to have SSL for in-site payment integration. 

ParamPOS anti-fraud system operates with a specially-developed software and operator. All transactions are monitored by several developed software. Our employees who are the experts on topics related to fraud are continuously monitoring the system, and doing necessary updates.  Any suspicious transactions are blocked by Param Anti-Fraud system. These transactions can be finalized by contacting the member merchant and cardholder.

The name of the company, which the contract has been signed with, has to be the same with the details of account holder of the registered IBAN in order to receive payments. Therefore, you cannot access to ParamPOS products through someone else's company.

Yes, you can receive payments in Turkish Liras as well as in USD, EUR and GBP currencies.

Transactions in USD, EUR and GBP currencies are transferred to the member merchant in the same currency provided that the member merchant opens the foreign currency account.

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