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You can check your transactions via internet banking.

You can cancel a payment transaction within the same day (before issuing the end of day report). In such cases, this transaction is never reflected to the credit card customer's receipt. No activity of debit and credit is recorded on the customer's receipt. On the other hand, you can process refund request after issuing the end of day report. Therefore, debit and credit activities are recorded on credit card customer's receipt. While you can request full refund of the amount, it is also possible to refund a certain part of the transaction, which is called partial refund. For instance, if your total transaction amount is 50 TL and you have a refund request of 25 TL, the customer's receipt will record 50 TL as debt and 25 TL as credit.

Depending on the limits of your authorizotion, your allowed to cancel or refund any payment via internet banking.

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