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Easy Transaction is a payment solution that we offer our customers with no e-transaction infrastructure. Easy Transaction allows you to start accepting payments from your customers securely without any API integration or an e-commerce website. 
Once you add a link to your website, your customers can complete the transactions easily and instantly. Additionally, you can complete online transactions on your computer or smart phone by using Easy Transactions through or ParamPOS mobile application.

ParamTIK and Create Param Payment Request are solutions to help you receive payments by a link which you can create with no integration or even website. You can create the link through ParamTIK menu in Param online banking, and share this link with your customers via SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp and social media messaging programs. Besides, you can use ParamTIK even if you do not own a company. To apply for ParamTIK:

Yes, you can. With ParamTIK, you can complete transactions in Turkish Liras as well as in USD, EUR and GBP currencies.

Yes, you can receive payments in instalments if  you have an instalment agreement with Param.

No, you won't be charged with any fees besides the commission fee.

POS Mini is an application that turns a smartphone or tablet into a POS device by plugging a hardware. With POS Mini, you participate in 22 bank programs as well as 9 card programs, which enables you to complete transactions without a POS device. For detalied information:

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