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Your cancellation and refund requests are processed by Param once you submit them. Only same-day transactions (before issuing end of day report) can be cancelled. And cancelled transactions will not be recorded in the credit card of the customer, no debts will be reflected to the customer. Although refund periods vary according to the bank of the cardholders, it takes maximum 14 days for credit cards, and maximum 30 days for bank cards. 

Yes, you can process partial refund. Refund can be processed for the total amount as well as for the partial amount. 

Wrong returns can not be refunded, if it's already approved by the Param representatives.

No, they are not. However, if there are excessive cancellation and refund requests, the relevant submerchant undergoes a risk assessment. According to the results of the assessment, it is determined to be continued providing services to the member or not.

Cardholders notify their bank of transactions that occur without cardholders's authorisation. It is called a chargeback.

The chargeback process starts when the cardholder disputes to a transaction by contacting their bank. Afterwards, the bank contacts ParamPOS with regard to this process. ParamPOS requests for information and document from the relevant sub- merchant. The decision of whether to reflect the relevant dispute to the sub-merchant is made after sharing all information and documents with the card issuing bank

The cardholder must submit documents to prove that is purchase from the sub-merchant. Required documents;
-invoice or similar document(s)
-delivery note
-shipment note
-bank receipt
-consent letter etc.
It is also suggested to submit the agreement signed with the cardholder and other documents related to the purchase details.

In the chargeback processes, total 25 TL (including chargeback fee and taxes) is charged to the submerchant.

Card owner is requested to send evidence that proof the transaction between them and submerchant.

Commission invoices are issued through the e-invoice platform in the first 15 days of the following month and are sent to the registered e-mail address of the sub-merchant.

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