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Yes, we do. Our Marketplace Solution enables you to receive payments on your e-commerce website. Work with your marketplace sub-merchants under any terms you wish, manage your cash and payment flow. 

No. Commission rate agreement is signed between ParamPOS and the merchant owning the marketplace.

Confirmed payments are automatically transferred to sub-mercahnt's IBAN by ParamPOS on the value date.

Marketplace sub-merchant invoices the buyer for the purchased good. Marketplace owner invoices the marketplace submerchant for commission fee. ParamPOS, on the other hand, invoices marketplace owner for sub-merchant commission fee.

Shipment process is managed by the marketplace owner and marketplace submerchant. Param cannot involve in shipment procedures.

All of our payment solutions are secured by the most reliable application and standards of the industry such as SSL, 3D Secure and PCI-DSS; and all transactions are monitored by the Anti-Fraud module.

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This standard defines the logical and physical information security rules to comply with while processing, transferring and storing the credit card. And SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. The layer ensures an encoded communication between the server and receiver.

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